Payday loans without transfer – what does this mean for the borrower?

Verifying the identity of potential borrowers is of great importance in the process of granting payday loans. This is the basic method to check if the application is actually made by a reliable person. Usually everything is done by making a transfer for a symbolic amount. However, what if we don’t have an electronic bank account and want to get quick cash? Payday loans without a transfer come to our aid. More of this story:

Payday loans without transferring a penny are most often chosen by the elderly. This is because seniors usually do not use electronic banking. For this reason, making a quick transfer is not possible. The situation could seem burdensome if we had to go to banks to transfer a symbolic amount, which is used in most Good Lender during the verification process.

Fortunately, for all who do not have e-accounts, loan companies are increasingly introducing convenient services, such as payday loans without a transfer.

What are payday loans without verification transfer?

What are payday loans without verification transfer?

In the case of traditional loans, which almost everyone can receive from Good Lender, we are dealing with the basic verification process. To check our personal details when applying, loan companies give us several options.

The most commonly used is transferring a symbolic amount to a bank account. This is associated with greater security in the loan allocation process. The customer is sure that no one will against his will take a payday loan on his behalf, which we often dealt with many years ago.

Currently, Good Lender take care of securing borrowers by introducing convenient solutions, such as a small amount transfer.

In a situation where we do not have an electronic bank account, we can use the service which is payday pay without verification by bank transfer. In this case, we do not need to make a transfer to the parabank account, and we can confirm your data in a completely different way.

In order for the loan company to verify the identity of the potential borrower, the customer is given the opportunity to provide personal data by phone or personally by going to one of the parabank branches.

Instantaneous payment without verification transfer, contrary to appearances, is not associated with a longer waiting time for consideration of the application. On the contrary, by applying for such a loan, we can even save a lot of time.

Instant payments without verification transfer – advantages

Instant payments without verification transfer - advantages

  • A convenient offer for seniors and people without an e-account;
  • Save time – a phone call is faster than delivering a bank transfer. The customer can also personally go to the point to show proof and thus confirm the data on the application. This is often a faster way, as transfers sent to an account in another bank may only reach the second day.
  • Full security of the application process.
  • A profitable solution for people with a debit in a bank account.

Instant cash without a penny transfer – how does it work?

Instant cash without a penny transfer - how does it work?

Not only seniors can benefit from payday loans without transferring a penny, but also people with an overdraft. In this situation, we are able to confirm the data through the application.

By installing a special tool on a mobile device, we can log into e-banking in a few seconds and share our data with the loan company. The whole process is running smoothly, and thanks to that the borrowed funds reach our hands faster.

Loan applications without a penny transfer are also verified by phone, where, as you know, conversations with a representative are recorded. In this situation, you should dictate your personal data, including PESEL number, registered address or ID card number.

This is a kind of security for both the customer and the parabank, who can be sure that the application was actually made by a reliable person. It is a perfect solution for people who do not find themselves in the era of modern technologies and want to confirm their personal data in a traditional way.

Verification can also be done by courier. In this case, the person requesting a payday loan without a penny transfer is waiting for the courier to come, who will provide him with the contract for signature. After entering all the data, the document returns to the loan company.

Payday loans online without a penny transfer

Payday loans online without a penny transfer

If we want to use the online payday service without verification transfer, we can also choose to meet with a representative. It is a possibility that people who value face-to-face conversations often use.

Thanks to the agent’s visit to our home, we can not only familiarize ourselves with the offer in detail, but also ask about any issues that are unclear to us. The representative will answer all your questions and advise on choosing a loan.

Application for payday loans via the Internet without transferring a penny can be submitted on the selected parabank website. Filling and sending the form takes only a few minutes.

It is worth remembering that by applying online, we do not deprive you of the opportunity to meet with a representative. Just remember to mark your desire for a home visit in the form. Online loans without a penny transfer with an agent visit are increasingly used by non-bank companies.

Loans for those in debt without transferring a penny – what conditions must be met?

Loans for those in debt without transferring a penny - what conditions must be met?

As with traditional payday loans, online loans for indebted people without a penny transfer are not granted to everyone.

As you know, the credibility verification process is much less stringent than when we apply for a bank loan. However, this does not mean that everyone will receive the loan. To get a loan without transferring a penny:

  • Have Polish citizenship;
  • Be of legal age – some Good Lender require the age of 21;
  • Have a valid ID card;
  • Have an active phone number (in the case of telephone verification);
  • Have an account with a Polish bank (if you want to receive money by transfer).

Quick loan without a step by step transfer

Quick loan without a step by step transfer

If we want to use the service, which is a quick loan without a bank transfer, all you have to do is submit an online application on the website of the selected loan company. In the form, enter your personal data and basic information about the payday loan, i.e. the loan amount and loan period.

After submitting the application, you must complete an identity verification process. As mentioned, a quick loan without a penny transfer can be verified by phone, during a home visit or through a specially dedicated mobile application.

However, it is worth knowing that even if we choose to confirm personal data online, a visit to a parabank facility will be necessary. When we receive a positive response to our application, we will have to go to a stationary point to sign the contract. Some loan companies allow you to sign a contract that the courier provides.

Instantor loan – how does it work?

Instantor loan - how does it work?

The instantor service relies on the so-called screenscraping principle. The customer, by using this application, gets the opportunity to quickly log into electronic banking.

Instantor scans all necessary personal data, such as name and address of residence, and also sends a report to the loan company about the borrower’s creditworthiness. The report includes transactions completed within 12 months.

To use the payday loan, instantor is enough to indicate this type of verification method in the loan application. Then log in to electronic banking, and the rest will be done for us by the mobile application.

This solution is secure, so that the customer does not have to worry about phishing personal data.